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So in our leagues I’m affectionately (or mockingly or unaffectionately or ironically), I prefer to go affectionately, known as the Jerry Dipoto of our leagues. All that to say – I trade a lot.

During the offseason our dear James wondered if I would break 50 trades across our 4 leagues when I was already making a lot of deals in the offseason.

Thanks for our lovely friends at Fantrax its quite easy to go back and track all of the trades –

(Side note – if you’re not playing fantasy, especially dynasty, on Fantrax, you’re doing it wrong and you should.)


I made lots of trades.

72 of them since the end of the 2018 season to be exact.

The deadline is obviously well past.

The championships are decided (see Tom’s breakdown and chat with the champs)

Somehow Pete made the championships in all four leagues

And lost in all four leagues.

League of Evil: Tom
Hall of Shame: James
FSSA Dynasty: Tom
Friends and Addicts: Me

So… what all trades did I make?

What good did it do me?

Don’t worry – while I’m listing every trade, and rank each with an emoji, I won’t be going into deep detail.

Let’s review:


Intro: Contending/lots of injuries

1. January 26: I send Keston Hiura, Luis García, Byron Buxton for Trevor Bauer

2. Feb 12: I send Jurickson Profar for Nick Pivetta

3. Feb 25: I send Round 4 pick 8 and 12, Joey Votto, Garrett Hampson, and Yordan Alvarez for Round 2 pick 1, Brent Honeywell, Round 5 pick 12, Raisel Iglesias, and Clayton Kershaw
So ya – I did not think Yordan would do what Yordan did or become what he became. Also, ?

4. Mar 8: I send Julio Urías, Brent Honeywell, Reynaldo López, Manuel Margot, for Alex Reyes and Tommy Pham

5. Mar 8: I send Michael Conforto and Jake Arrieta for Austin Riley and Kyle Hendricks

6. Mar 14: I send Round 4 pick 5, Jose Quintana, Tommy Pham, Cole Hamels, and Lorenzo Cain for Robbie Ray, George Springer, and 1.12

7. June 2: I send Luis Urías and Nick Madrigal and get Felipe Vázquez and Andrew McCutchen

8. June 14: I send Francisco Mejía and Garret Hampson for Yasiel Puig

9. July 10: I send 2020 first round pick and Austin Riley for Lorenzo Cain, Mike Moustakas, and a 2020 Round 5 Pick
Riley was injured. I was in first. O well.

10. July 13: I send George Springer for Luis Castillo
Elite for elite – I needed arms.

11. July 21: I send George Valera for Cole Hamels
Prospect for solid starter, while contending, ok

12. July 23: I send Trevor Larnach for Craig Stammen
??‍♂️ ??

13. August 7: I send Joey Gallo for Ozzie Albies
Gallo was hurt, I needed some health for the playoffs

14. August 9: I send a 3rd Round Pick for Ryan Pressley and a 2020 Round 5

15. August 11: I send a 2020 4th, Nomar Mazara, Victor Robles, and Adalberto Mondesi for Royce Lewis, Eloy Jiménez, Shohei Ohtani, and a round 3 2020
? ??

16. August 11: I send Lourdes Gurriel Jr. and Marcus Stroman for Ian Happ and Max Kepler
? ??‍♂️

17. August 11: I send John Gray, Royce Lewis, a 2020 2nd Round pick for a 2020 3rd round pick Brad Hand and Byron Buxton.
I got Royce in deal 15 above, and I do like Royce, but I couldn’t be carrying a minor leaguer right now. Our leagues flipped to no NA slots and larger benches before this season (article upcoming there), so he couldn’t clog the bench.

Overall here average in is lower than average out or through, so I guess that’s good. But beyond an overly simplistic number glance from Eric Cross’ rankings on Fantrax, I still like where I ended up overall. I like Robles a lot so that would could hurt even more, Gallo, Alvarez, and Hiura are the ones that make me cry, but can’t do anything about that now. My team took first in the regular season standings by a decent margin, though injuries down the stretch made that lead take a hit. Sadly, I took an early exit in the finals, losing to Tom of FSAA who eventually went on to win the league.


So this league is gonna look odd – I entered a rebuild. Then my offense was performing like crazy… so I added pitchers. We’ll get to how it played out.

18. Jan 29: I send Starling Marte and Jesús Sánchez for Victor Robles
So the thinking here was that I thought Robles would be as good or better than Marte this year and Sanchez I didn’t think would be all that much. Not a ton has changed there. However, Robles didn’t take the step forward I had hoped for. That said, I still believe in him.

19. Jan 31: I send Madison Bumgarner for Keston Hiura and Wade Davis
? ? ?
Um. Ya. Hiura

20. Feb 2: I send Jurickson Profar, Stephen Piscotty, and Carlos Carrasco for José Ramírez
Paying for JRam before the season started did not look good in the early season, but I’d still that deal today for sure.

21. Feb 6: I send José Abreu for Jo Adell
I. love. Jo. Adell. More on that later.

22. Feb 10: I send Yodran Alvarez and Yuneil Diaz for Carlos Martinez

23. Feb 17: I send 2019 3.8, J.D. Martinez and Manuel Margot for 2019 4.6, Austin Riley, Andrew Benintendi
Riley had a pretty good year, JD had a down year, Nintendo was pretty good, Margot was fine. Ya it’s fine. Remember at this point very much rebuiliding.

24. Feb 17: I send Nick Pivetta, 2019 4.5, and Max Scherzer for Taylor Trammell, 2019 3.3., Dylan Cease, Royce Lewis
Given where those prospects were viewed pre-season and Max’s age, I see where I was coming from and not horrible. Always hard to trade guys of Max’s caliber. Pivetta is whatever.

25. Feb 19: I send Wil Myers for Jesús Luzardo
Still would take Luzardo, but whatever, he gets shipped out later.

26. Mar 9: I send Zack Grienke for Amed Rosario
Grienke was better than I expected. Rosario didn’t turn the corner. Age wise at the time I get it. Given where team I ended up I’d rather not have made it.

27. May 15: I send Nick Madrigal, Joey Bart, Taylor Trammell, Jesús Luzardo, and 2020 Round 5 for 2020 Round 1 Pick, Shohei Ohtani, Matt Chapman
Ah. The turn. At this point in the season I was by no means contending, but I was close to getting into the playoff field and my offense was clicking way sooner then expected so I decided 4 months of rebuilding was enough and began to cash in chips. I really really like Madrigal, but I’m also so excited for what Shohei can be next year as a two-way player if he’s healthy. Just wait till Joe Maddon gets this new toy….

28. May 26: I send 2020 Round 4 and Kevin Cron for 2020 Round 1
Tom wanted Cron. I had claimed him. I didn’t care. Yaa pick upgrade

29. Jun 1: I send Royce Lewis, Keston Hiura, Victor Robles, Jo Adell, Dylan Cease for Luis Castillo, Sonny Gray, Lucas Giolito, Blake Snell
So. Much. Talent. Moving. I love Hiura. I love Robles. I love Adell. Espeically Adell. But this team was turning a corner and I needed arms. I generally take the Cubs approach to rebuilding, get bats, trade/acquire arm. There is an argument that Hiura is the most valuable single asset in this deal and that Adell very well could be next year, but I got multiple top starting pitchers. Snell got injured, but from that date on those 4 arms gave me 401.4 innings, 508 Ks, 1.16 Whip, 3.72 ERA, 29 Ws, 42 QS, so… you decide.

30. Aug 10: I send Brandon Lowe for 2020 Round 2 for Rhys Hoskins and 2020 Round 4 for
This trade. I like it.

31. Aug 11: I send Austin Riley and 2020 Round 3 for Michael Conforto and 2020 Round 5
Riley was injured, Conforto wasn’t. I needed health. Also, I still like it.

I ended up bowing out in the playoffs here too which again was sub-par, but the team is still built to contend in the next few years, turning out of the rebuild fast didn’t hurt me long term. Average in way better than average out and ok on average through. Onward.


Intro: Contending team. Trying to contend again.

32. Jan 23: I send Luke Weaver for Brad Hand
Weaver had a good first season in the multiple ugly Dbacks uniforms, so we’ll see. But also Hand is an elite reliever.

33. Jan 25: I send Raimel Tapia for Eduardo Rodriguez and David Price
Yes yes yes. Very good.

34. Jan 29: I send Carter Kieboom for Dee Gordon
Well that didn’t age well

35. Feb 3: I send Madison Bumgarner and Alex Verdugo for Wil Myers and Jonathan Villar
Eh, not great. Not bad.

36. April 17: I send Stephen Strasburg and Yordan Alvarez for Javier Baez
Um – I love Javy, but not worth this, nope.

37. April 21: I send Austin Riley and Ryan McMahon for Harrison Bader and Nico Hoerner
I love Nico, but pricey

38. April 22: I send Harrison Bader and Willy Adames for Jameson Taillon

39. May 6: I send Jo Adell, Royce Lewis, and Mike Zunino for Victor Robles, Nomar Mazara, and Wilson Contreras
Talent everywhere. Love Adell, but for that return. Ya I’m good

40. May 16: I send Jurickson Profar, Nick Senzel, and Brent Honeywell for Matt Olson and Jon Lester
I love Senzel, Profar is eh, Honeywell is injured. Olson is pretty stellar, and Lester was somewhat productive

41. May 24: I send Kevin Cron and Amed Rosario for Jesse Winker and Lucas Giolito
Yep. I like it.

42. June 6: I send Luke Weaver, Trevor Larnach, and Zach Davies for Craig Kimbrel and Tommy Pham
Larnach is decent, Weaver see above (was dropped so I added him and then traded him again). I’ll take my side.

43. June 8: I send Jameson Taillon, Dee Gordon, and Garrett Hampson for Edwin Diaz and Jorge Polanco
Injured Taillon, Old Dee, and maybe sometime gonna play and be ok Hampson for underperforming Diaz and a 119 DRC+ from Polanco

44. June 8: I send Tommy Pham and Jonathan Villar for Manny Machado

45. July 22: I send Alex Reyes and Wil Myers for Mitch Keller, Dallas Keuchel, and Lourdes Gurriel Jr.
Questionable Reyes, mediocre Myers, and a good prospects, solid starter, and good hitter.

46. July 22: I send Alec Bohm, Max Fried, Carlos Correa, Julio Rodriguez, and a 1st Round Pick for Kyle Tucker, Blake Snell, and a 2nd Round Pick
Whoa. That’s a lot of talent moving. Given Rodriguez’s upside I may lose this and there’s an argument that Correa is the best player here, but I like Tucker and Snell a ton.

47. July 26: I send Nico Hoerner and Mitch Keller for Amed Rosario

48. July 31: I send Jesse Winker for Daniel Murphy and Dee Gordon
Eh. Old people to help with title run. Didn’t win. Not great.

49. August 2: I send Kris Bryant for Trea Turner, Alec Bohm, and Taylor Trammell
I hate moving KB as a Cub fan, but Trea and prospects was too good to pass

50. August 2: I send Alec Bohm and Taylor Trammell for Marcell Ozuna
Couldn’t take prospect slots. Ozuna is pretty good.

51. August 5: I send Marcell Ozuna and a 2020 1st Round Pick for Bo Bichette and a 2nd round pick
And Ozuna is pretty gone. I love Bichette

Failed in playoffs here too which isn’t great obviously, but overall like what happened with the moves I made. Better in than out or through again. Best in was Javy and Trea, Best out was KB, best through was Ozuna? Ok then.


This is a 16 team dynasty run by CubbyNole in its second year. Lost to Pete in the finals in year 1. I would meet him in finals again here. Given that obviously contending.

52. November 30: I send Keibert Ruiz and Patrick Corbin for Rhys Hoskins
Corbin is really good and Ruiz may be next big catching prospect, but worth it.

53. December 3: I send Sean Newcomb and a 2019 2.2 pick for Brandon Morrow and Jurickson Profar

54. January 24: I send Luis Garcia and Jurickson Profar for Kyle Schwarber
Hulk Smash

55. January 30: I send Rhys Hoskins, Chris Archer, and 2019 3.5 pick for Ozzie Albies, David Price, and 2019 4.10 pick
Rhys is good. Archer suck. Ozzie is elite , Price is usefulish. Yep. Deal.

56. February 12: I send Carlos Martinez and Josh Bell for C.J. Cron and Corey Seager

57. February 12: I send 2019 Round 1.15, Leody Taveras, and Seuly Matias for 2019 3.1, Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller
Um. Taveras is a good prospect. Relievers were helpful. But eh.

58. March 5: I send Miles Mikolas for Starling Marte
Bye bye Miles. Hello Starling.

59. April 10: I send Brandon Nimmo for Felipe Vazquez

60. May 30: I send Griffin Canning, Starling Marte, Jordan Lyles for José Ramirez and José Leclerc
Jose. Fing. Ramirez. YA

61. July 17: I send Amed Rosario and Alec Bohm for Jorge Polanco

62. July 19: I send Josh Naylor for Jon Lester

63. July 31: I send 2020 Round 1 and 4 Picks and Ian Happ for Dallas Keuchel and a 2020 Round 4 Pick
Happ was rotting in Iowa. I still think he has a future worth caring about, but needed pitching this year.

64. July 31: I send Scott Kingery for Nick Madrigal
I like Kingery. But not as much as I Like Madrigal

65. August 2: I send Alex Reyes, Mike Tauchman, and Tyler Naquin for Eugenio Suárez
Um. yes

66. August 3: I send Edwin Encarnacion and Omar Narvaez
Trade. Happened. New of E5 missing ROS broke. We almost reversed it, but other manager said it was fine. I just need a catcher. Everyone was injured.

67. August 4: I send 2020 Round 3 for FAAB
WEEEE. This came into play in playoffs.

68. August 4: I send Lucas Giolito, a 2021 Round 1 and Round 2 Draft Pick, and Nick Madrigal for Chris Paddack
Paddack. ?

69. August 4: I send Teoscar Hernandez for FAAB
WEEEE. This came into play in playoffs.

70. August 7: I send Jorge Polanco and Chris Paddack for Tim Anderson and Alex Bregman
So. I like everyone here. But I mean it’s Bregman.

71. August 7: I send a 2020 Round 2 and Round 3 Pick for Raisel Iglesias
Reliever help for playoff for picks. Whatever. Trade all the picks

72. August 10: I send Eugenio Suárez and Joey Gallo for Paul Goldschmidt and George Springer
I love the guys I gave up. I really like the guys I got. Injuries were killing me.

So, again – a LOT of talent in, out, and through here – but I WON and flags fly for freaking ever. Paddack hardest through guy for sure and Gallo hardest sending out. But bringing in Springer, Goldy, J. Ram, Ozzie, and some others I’m ok with it.


There you go -72 trades. 1 season.

And in a few weeks we open business up again in those 4 leagues and add a 5th roto dynasty. LETS GO

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