Owner and founder of Fantasy Sports Addicts Anonymous.  Fantasy Sports nerd for over 15 years. Host of the FSAA podcast and videos on the FSDoubleA YouTube channel.  Smashing Pumpkins fanatic, bass player, skateboard rider. 80 grade trash talk.


The second longest tenured manager in any FSAA leagues.  League chaplain and fiend for fantasy baseball trades. Contributor to FSAA and FFO One of many Cubs fanatics in FSAA leagues.


Frequent winner of FSAA leagues.  Commissioner of the FNA dynasty league.  Deep stats nerd always consuming advanced baseball data.  Occasional contributor to FFO and FSAA podcast co-host.  Florida State Seminoles and Cubs fanatic.  YouTube live stream pooper.


One of the few original Addicts left.  Executive producer of all FSAA broadcasts.  Full blown fantasy baseball and basketball junkie, plays more leagues than you.  Even when he’s trapped in a snow plow for 48 hours, he’ll still beat your fantasy team.  The Enforcer and muscle of FSAA. One of several Red Sox fanatics in FSAA Leagues.


Fantasy baseball player forecaster extraordinaire.  Began writing and producing YouTube content solo originally.  Currently contributes to FSAA and FFO.  Nationally ranked player of “The Show” on PS4 and avid baseball card collector.  He stands on an island as the only Cardinals fanatic in leagues full of Cubs fans.


Perhaps the most mysterious Fantasy Sports Addict.  What is known about Pepsi Pete is that he’s a real cowboy looking for anything heavy, and he’s from Canada.  He will play any fantasy sport, or take over any team you throw at him, and give you a run for your title money.  All he does is win, win, win…


This dude likes ‘em young…prospects and players that is.  It’s rare to see a player over 25 on his rosters for any sport.  Another manager who loves the art of the deal, expect trades galore.  Co-founder of, and writer at Six Man Rotation.  Rhys plays several “experts” leagues and is known for his draft banter.  The lone Tigers fanatic in our leagues.


Claims to be Canadian, except he’s so far east you can’t tell if he lives in a province or the Atlantic Ocean.  Another multisport cowboy, he loves the greasy slide of a used dynasty team that he can put his own stamp on. Like bigfoot in the woods, he can occasionally be spotted on FSAA YouTube live streams.  The only Pirates fanatic in our leagues.


The elder statesman of FSAA.  He’s a multisport maniac like the majority of other FSDoubleA degenerates.  Contributor to FSAA YouTube live streams. A fanatic of all teams New York; the Knicks, the Yankees, and of course the J-E-T-S Jets!  Detests sandwiches made with malice.


The youngest member of FSAA.  Professor of mathematical math with 20/20 vision.  Another original FSAA member, he was in junior high and lied about his age in the beginning.  You could never tell though, because he looked like Gimli from LOTR. Basketball and feline enthusiast, also occasional FSAA YouTube live stream guest.


Perhaps the most addled of any Fantasy Sports Addict ever.  JD will play any sport, any league, any team, any size, any setup, anything, anytime, as much as he can get, and frequently win.  Recently took a step back himself, but he’s back off the wagon again, so look out! Y’know, the thing about a shark, he’s got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes…


Under no circumstances do you want to play in a league with the following common motherfuckers.  Bad commissioning.  Temper tantrums and quitting.  Whatever.  Either way, you should avoid having them in your leagues or playing in one of their leagues.

**** @_RPTC4

Former FSAA member.  **** had his moments, but generally angered everyone with his forceful, obnoxious opinions.  The PBR Penguin forgot to have fun, but at least Andy Behrens is his cousin.  **** loves the RVA and his Nationals.  These days he commissions the @DisciplesOfBase multisport auction leagues.  FSDoubleA harbors no ill will.  Well, maybe some…


Originally a co-founder and co-host of FSAA with Tom.  Ryan used to play every fantasy sport under the hot Arizona sun, but after melting like a snowflake and picking up his ball to go home three different times, he has become the longest running joke in FSAA history.  Good riddance to shitty “friends”.



Nov 9.
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